1. Dormify Greek Takeover!

    We sorority girls all know that familiar feeling that overcomes us when we receive a new piece of clothing dawning our holy letters of glory. We also know the struggle when it comes to finding websites for Greek things that we actually like. This post, my friends, is what I would like to call “you’re welcome”.

    Dormify has been selling the chicest bedding options on the web since 2011 and is now committing full force to Greek. I was sent some of the newest items they had to offer and check ‘em out so voila!



    This first shirt is one of the softest, most comfy, and stylish Tridelta things I own…it slouches just the right way too. But my fave part is the metallic finish to the letters and name…fabulous right?


    No matter where I look on Syracuse University’s campus, there is always a girl rocking a schoolbag with her letters. This guy is super unique though…not only will it stand out from all of the run of the mill black lettered totes, it also shows a new way to show off my letters – 3 Delta, baby!


    And last but not least, my fave item from the bunch is this cropped top with the metallic “Tridelta” embellished on the front. It fits perfectly – not too cropped and not too long…just the way I like it. Can’t wait to pair this guy with high wasted shorts and high top Converse when it warms up!

    So ladies, there is a moral to the story: do yourself a FAVOR and stop looking at your typical sites because Dormify is something to see! I know you’ll be thanking me later when I run into you wearing the same cropped top I have…!




  2. The Bowl of Dreams

    There is no meal greater than the luscious, succulent, colorful, and ellipsoidal bowl from Chipotle. The meal, composed of these six ingredients, creates what some refer to as, “an orgasm of the mouth”.

    It is no ordinary dining experience when one eats at Chipotle. It is, in fact, a grueling process by which sweat, blood, and tears may occur through the course of the operation.

    You stand in line, waiting for what feels like hours, days, weeks, and the aroma of the restaurant only makes it worse. You can smell the fajitas from down the block. You can taste the sweet, sweet, guac from across campus. You can even hear the burritos being wrapped from inside the classroom.

    YET, once you reach the first step at the Chipotle food station, you are more prepared than ever. You have thought this through, and are confident with the choices that you are about to make. You are rushed down the line after choosing from the array of ingredients that tickle your senses and it is time to pay. They swipe your card and after what seems like an eternity, you are ready to annihilate.

    But the wait is not over my friend.

    Your eyes search the room in a panic…THERE ARE NO SEATS?! This you just CANNOT believe.

    You run from table to table to see if anyone is remotely finished with their meal. In a moment of panic, you begin to hyperventilate, or in extreme cases, seize, when you realize you may be doomed to take it to go.

    You turn the last corner of the restaurant, the last hope of eating there quickly dwindling away, when you see it. A table. You want that table. You push past the rest of the people scouring for it and slide quickly onto the wooden chair. Success. You catch your breath, thank God that he spared you this spot in your moment of need, and then place your bowl on the table to observe it in all of its glory.

    But do not take too much time…

    Your bowl of dreams awaits.


  3. A letter to Syracuse:

    Dearest ‘Cuse,

    It has reached the point in my summer where I am now more anxious than ever to return to your campus. In fact, I have never missed you so much. I miss your bars, I miss the campus, I miss my friends, and I miss your library. I miss wearing flip flops in the shower, I even miss drinking in the shower. I miss my retreat, also known as DJs (def don’t miss Harry’s though). I miss wearing my arctic weather-proof Canada Goose Jacket that makes me look like the Michelin Man in black. I miss crying and raging with my Trideezy ladies. I miss late night munching on Marshall Street (Sliders, Pita Pit, and Insomnia) and I miss the daily compliment that I’m a “Pretty Girl/Lady” from the man in front of Starbucks.

    I want to go back to Syracuse.


    Ms. Kara Gonchar

  4. Titanium - David Guetta


  5. Sorority.


    What do you think of when you read that word? Friendship? Sisterhood?…Legally Blonde?

    If you had asked me a year ago, or even a few months ago, what sorority meant to me, there would be a 99.9% chance that I would have said Legally Blonde.

    I began college with no intentions of EVER joining a sorority, no knowledge of sororities, and no interest in anything sorority-related. Sororities seemed to embody all characteristics of the female gender that I hated; drama, nauseating amounts of girliness, shallowness, egotism, a LOT of pink…you get the point.

    I was what some may call…(gasp)…a GDI-at-heart.

    So…you can imagine everyone’s surprise when I had decided to rush a sorority. I had a feeling I wouldn’t last and had even planned to drop out in the middle of the process. After all, I was a strong, independent, W-O-M-A-N! But mostly being surrounded by hundreds of screaming girls that I was forced to flirt with all day wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

    As rush commenced, I cut a few houses after each round, leaving me with three final houses for the last round – preference round. I had made it to the finish line and would only have to lady-flirt with three people that day…I could handle it. I strolled out of the first house of the day and thought, “I don’t need to visit any other houses because I want that one and that one only.” Now I know I’m a blunt person but this was clearly me being a moron.

    I went on to the next two houses as was required. The last one was Delta Delta Delta; the house that had originally been my first choice. It was no surprise that Morgan, whom I had met during the second round of rush and fell in love with, was assigned to pref me.

    We laughed at the same bitchy jokes. We made fun of ourselves. We had the same train of thought and had easygoing conversation. She was the one who had kept me coming back to the house for more. But remember, I’m a moron and kept thinking about the other house I had mentally committed to whilst we were talking.

    YET, something interesting had happened in my final moments of rush with that special senior…I, being the moron I am, told Morgan I was also in love with another house. Though I expected the usual trash-talking about other sororities, she said, “If I see you running to the house tomorrow it would make me the happiest senior, I would cry like – I can’t even – like seeing you would mean that I did something right for the house.”


    Those were the last words we exchanged before I was hurried out of the house by the hundreds of singing, clapping, cheering girls…HOW AWKWARD?!?! I walked outside of the house into the frozen tundra of Syracuse and frantically changed out of my heels into snow boots when, suddenly, the tears started to flow like water out of a faucet. WHAT THE F WAS I GOING TO DO NOW. I casually cried for another hour, hour and a half…could’ve been two hours (I stopped keeping track after a certain point) and then finally made my decision.

    Which house did I end up at on bid day, you ask? (HERE’S THE CLIMAX OF THE STORY SO PAY ATTENTION).

    300 Walnut Place.

    Morgan was waiting outside with a tiara in hand for me, of course, screaming, jumping, and dancing upon my arrival. We danced gaily, frolicked in the snow, and embraced at the sheer joy of new sisterhood…okay I’m embellishing a little but YOLO.

    My main point is this:


    You took me into your house. You let me into your amazing Diva family. You make me look forward to my years to come in the house and you make me envious of the influential mark you have left on Syracuse University. You led me to Tridelt and though it’s just my beginning, I know that I will be forever grateful for that.

    Congratulations on your graduation Morgan…Love you always!

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